Frequently Asked Questions

Check out how to care for your painted items on our Product Care Guide!

how is paint your poison different FROM other paint Parties?

Paint Your Poison offers you a choice to customize your painting. When you buy tickets online for an event you will be given an option depending on what painting you choose. Some paintings will have a choice to customize a color, and others will have a choice to paint on various substrates (such as wine glasses, beer glasses, totes, pallets, wood board, or canvas). We also like to use glitter, UV fluorescent paint, and metallic paint.

Are food or alcohol included in the Ticket price?

No, food and alcohol are not included in your ticket price. Your ticket price covers your seat at the event and all materials. Our venues have a wonderful selection of food and beverages, which we encourage guests to enjoy.

How early do i need to arrive to the event?

Our events begin and end on time. If you have already purchased a ticket, please kindly arrive at least 20 minutes early to our event so that you have time to order food/drink and get situated. If you are purchasing a ticket at the door please arrive no later than 20 minutes early.

can i bring my own food or alcohol?

While food and drink are not included in the event price, we partner with great venues who already offer delicious foods and beverages. If the event is at a bar or restaurant that already serves food and alcohol, you cannot bring your own food or alcohol.

Do I need to bring an apron or painting supplies?

Nope! We provide an apron, all of the necessary supplies, instruction, and we even clean up afterwards!


If you are purchasing tickets the day of the event please do not order online. You may purchase tickets at the door the day of the event. Please arrive 20 minutes early in order to do so. If you order online the day of the event, you may be asked to pay cash at the door and will be refunded your credit card payment. This is due to credit fraud reasons.

Do I need to order tickets before arriving at the event?

The only way to guarantee a seat at an event with your preferred customization for your painting is to purchase tickets online ahead of time. Our instructors carry extra place settings and are able to accept cash and credit card for walk-ins but there may not always be enough room. If you do plan to walk in without pre-purchasing a ticket, please arrive 20 minutes early so the instructor can set up the extra spaces and start the class on time. If you are purchasing tickets the day of the event please do not order online. You may purchase tickets at the door the day of the event with cash.

how can i make sure i get a seat next to my friends?

If you would like to be seated with a specific group of people, please use the additional fields at check out time to designate everyone you would like to be seated with!

when do you post your upcoming EVENT schedule?

We post our events 1 month in advance at the beginning of each month. For example, all classes in August will be posted at the beginning of July. If classes become overbooked during the month we may add additional classes throughout the month for the events that are selling out.

do you ACCOMMODATE hearing or visually impaired persons?

Yes. We try to accommodate everyone. Please specify you are visually or hearing impaired when you buy tickets online. We will seat you at the front of the class. Instructors also have a speaker available to amplify their voices.

do you ACCOMMODATE physically disabled persons?

Yes. All of our venues are handicapped accessible. Please specify you are in a wheelchair when you buy tickets online. We will make sure to have an easily accessible spot for you.

Do I get a refund if an event is cancelled?

You will be offered a refund or store credit.

how early do you notify customers if a class is cancelled?

We may cancel a class at any time for unforeseen circumstances, but we will always notify customers 24-48 hours in advance when possible.

i purchased tickets but cannot make it to the event. can i get a refund?

For a full refund, you must cancel 48 hours in advance. As this is an event to be treated like a concert or show, if you do not cancel within 48 hours you will forfeit your payment.

do you offer fundraising events?

Yes, we do! Total ticket price will vary based on what painting options you choose, but a portion of each ticket sale with go towards your cause. Please be prepared to advertise your fundraising event to the public. There is a minimum amount of 8 people required to book an event. Read more here: Fundraiser Info.

do you offer team building events?

Yes, we do! We have a special team building exercise that is a giant puzzle that everyone paints and assembles together to create one larger painting! Total price for the event will vary based on what painting options you choose. Please keep in mind there is a minimum amount of 8 people required to book an event. Read more here: Team Building Info.

can i schedule a private party?

Yes! Total ticket price will vary based on what painting options you choose. There is a minimum amount of 8 people required to book an event. Read more here: Private Party Info

how early should i arrive before an event?

It is recommended to arrive 30 minutes early for an event. Our classes are scheduled events that begin and end on time.

what if i am late to an event?

If you arrive late to an event, you can still participate but will not be able to receive guided instructions for the portion that you have missed and class will not be extended past the scheduled ending time. Our classes are treated as timed events that begin and end on time.

How do your open paint classes work?

You choose what you want to paint on and we’ll provide all the supplies and set up a station for you to paint at. These are timed events, and will begin and end on time. Painters are responsible for completing their painting on time since step by step direction is not provided. Everyone will be working on their own painting, therefore instructors will only be able to provide general guidance, not step by step instructions. Open paint classes are recommended for people who have some previous experience painting.

How difficult are your classes?

We offer step by step instruction in every class so that people of all skill levels can participate. While some paintings might be on a more challenging substrate or require more close attention to detail, everyone should be able to complete them with the help of our awesome instructors!

is there an age limit for your events?

Yes. All classes are 16+ unless otherwise noted and all minors must be accompanied by an adult. Please keep in mind these are typically adult events where people may be drinking alcohol if planning on bringing a minor.

CAN i sit in on a class if i don’t purchase a ticket?

We are unable to allow non-participants to sit in on events.

can I buy a gift card?

Yes! Please call us at (517) 220-0058 or e-mail us at to purchase a gift card!

how does your rewards program work?

At your first class, pick up a loyalty card from your instructor. Bring your card to each event you attend, and the instructor will stamp your card at the class. After you collect 8 stamps, your next event will be free! The instructor will collect your card and we will email you a coupon code for your next free class! Coupon code can only be used once. Treat the loyalty card as cash; cards will not be refunded or replaced.

can my establishment become one of your regular venues?

Yes! We are always looking for great venues. Please call us at (517) 220-0058 or e-mail us at to partner with us!

is your paint non-toxic?

Yes. Our paint is student grade acrylic paint. It contains no dairy, soy, casein, latex, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, or egg. And better yet—it’s made in the U.S.A.!

how do i get paint out of my clothing?

All of the paint we use is acrylic and will come out of your clothing if you wash it with soap and water immediately. Paint that is allowed to dry for 24 hours on any clothing may not come out.

How can I hang pallet or wood board paintings on my wall?

You can use 3M Command™ strips or VELCRO® Brand HANGables® wall fasteners.

how do i cure the glass paint?

Allow the paint to dry for 2 hours after class. Put your glass into a cool oven. Turn your oven up to 350° and let your glass bake for 30 minutes. Allow oven and glass to cool before removing it. Your glass is now top rack dishwasher safe, however we still advise gentle hand washing only with a non-abrasive soap. Your painted glass product is not microwave safe.

can i wash my painted glass?

Per manufacturer guidelines, after the glass has been fully cured in the oven it will be top rack dishwasher safe. However after being fully cured, the glass is not microwave safe. Do not ever scrub the glass with an abrasive surface as this will cause the paint to scratch off.

is the glass paint food safe?

The glass paint is not food safe and should only be used on the outside of your glass approximately 1 inch down from the rim. Manufacturer guidelines say the paint is non-toxic but also not food safe. The painted glass will not be microwave safe even after fully curing.

can i wash my painted tote?

Painted totes are spot wash only. Use a non abrasive surface such as a damp rag or wet paper towel and gently rub the spot with warm water. Add a tiny amount of laundry soap if the stain is stubborn. You can pro-actively apply Scotchgard™ Fabric & Upholstery Protector if you want to have a much easier time cleaning any stains you may acquire!