Paint Your Poison wants to bring the joy of art to everyone! We partner with senior living communities to plan events focused around our fabulous senior citizens of Mid-Michigan! Residents at our senior venues can invite friends and family members to participate with them.

The time spent painting together with family and friends is truly priceless. If you have a family or friends living a senior care community, spread the word and let’s plan something today!

If you have a loved one living in a senior community, tell them about us today!

  • There is an 8 person minimum, 60 person maximum.

  • Events are typically 2 hours long, however we can adjust the timing to your needs.

  • You get to choose your painting - We will send you our options!

  • Ask us about a creating a custom painting just for your event!

    Contact us for a quote at (517) 220-0058 or by e-mail


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Please keep in mind the location of your event must have a large enough space to accommodate 2 feet of table space per guest.